Hemlock Partners

Our ideal seller profile is a retiring owner who is seeking to exit a business valued between $4M and $20M. We are seeking an established business with a strong reputation and with opportunities for growth. We will consider multiple industries with a preference towards consumer goods and services, technology and business services and software. The company must be based in Washington or Oregon, with a preference for the Puget Sound Region.

Attractive investment opportunities will satisfy a many of the following criteria:

  • Located in Washington or Oregon. We will also consider businesses that could be relocated to the region
  • Revenue over $5 million and 3+ years of stable revenue¬†performance
  • EBITDA greater than $750,000
  • 3+ years of¬†profitability
  • Stable and positive cash flow

Additional criteria we will consider:

  • Opportunities for growth and operational improvements
  • Solid middle management willing to stay in the company
  • Diverse, recurring customer base
  • Large and growing addressable market
  • Motivated seller (owner seeking liquidity or looking to retire, entrepreneur looking to transition to next venture)

We are not interested in the following:

  • Real estate, restaurants, construction or professional services where the current owner plays a significant role in delivering service
  • Highly regulated industries
  • Negative cash flow

Please note, the criteria listed above are meant to be a guideline rather than a requirement. Attractive businesses may not satisfy all criteria.