Hemlock Partners

We understand that building a business takes years of hard work. As two energetic, experienced managers and entrepreneurs, we want to provide sellers with attractive liquidity options while ensuring the long-term growth, legacy, and success of their business. Upon consummation of a transaction, we will transition into the newly acquired company full-time.

We offer sellers the following benefits:


We have sufficient capital to provide sellers with liquidity at closing and will move quickly to close a transaction.

Long-term view

We are interested in purchasing a good business at a fair price and managing it for long-term growth.

Focus on People

We appreciate the strong ties that exist between a business and its employees, customers, and community. We believe that maintaining strong relationships is critical for long-term success.


We understand the concerns of privately held businesses and will work with the owner to ensure he/she experiences a smooth transition and leaves the transaction satisfied.

Management experience

We bring 25+ years of management and leadership experience, including 6+ years in CEO roles, that we will apply to manage the business’s day-to-day operations and growth opportunities. In addition to our experience, we bring the advisory support of a team of leading industry professionals.

Flexible structure

We work in partnership with sellers to structure transactions that best meet their ambitions, lifestyle and estate planning needs.